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There are many SolarCoin Volunteers and contributors.

Please add your name in the volunteers form to be added to this page.

A current list of Volunteers includes:

Carlo Allevi Country Coordinator Italy

Joely Balazs Social Media Outreach Volunteer

Tory Cenaj Outreach team

Johan de Beugher, Developer SolarChange, Belgium

John Dolan Volunteer

Nik Gaffney Technology

Nick Gogerty Chair of Economics & Monetary Policy Committee

David Jakubowski, Lead Developer, SolarChange, Belgium

David Khasidy Country Coordinator US

Luke Johnson Country Coordinator Japan

Justin Levinson Technology Volunteer

Charles Moore Outreach Team

Emilien Morel, Developer SolarChange and SolarCoin, France

Marios Neocleous, Marketing Expert, Cyprus

Dr. Ed Rietman Scientific Grant Advisor

Peter Ross Technology Unix

John Scotese Country Coordinator Australia

Eric Stetson Advisor

Richard Wheeler Scientific Grant Advisor

François Sonnet, Renewable Energy Advisor, Belgium

Juan Pablo Torino Country Coordinator Spain

Joseph Zitoli SolarCoin Foundation Board Member / Operations / Country Outreach