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Prioritization using the 3 pillars model


This document seeks to tie the SolarCoin mission, KPI’s (key performance indicator) and projects into 3 prioritized projects at any given time. Other projects may be worked on simultaneously but there are only 3 priorities at a given time. Document should be 5 pages or less.


The SolarCoin mission is to increase solar electricity production over the next 40 years.

Core assumptions

  1. Increasing value of § measured in $ terms increases the value of a claimants solar production
  2. Increasing the number of § participants (holders/acceptors/spendors) grows the § economy & § value
  3. There are 3 key pillars supporting the mission: 1. Governance 2. Outreach 3. UX (user experience) table below highlights The SolarCoin 3 pillars model.

Incent Solar electricity
increase § price increase § participants
Governance Outreach UX user experience


Each project (more than 2 days of effort) is shown below in a proposed priority. The priority is based on a mix of path dependency (impact on dependent priority) and a simple assessment of the projects ability to support 1 of the 3 key pillars. The assessment involves the following method:

  1. Rank the projects impact to the pillar from 1-5 (5 being highest impact)
  2. Rank the projects ease (cost x time) of delivery from 1-5 (5 being easiest to deliver)
  3. Priority goes to the projects with highest (impact x ease of delivery) 25= highest priority. 1=lowest priority

Priority >15
Priority <6
Ease of Delivery

Pillars & Projects Table

Next improvement
(brief description or URL link to project docs/discussion) 15 word maximum
Positive impact
Ease of completion
§ Economic priority
value = (impact x ease)
Governance / operations pillar
Decrease Mining reward Board decided on amount and rate of reduction; need to work on hard fork. Transition to PoS being considered for future. 5 2 10
Granting methodology change End pilot program and switch to bi-annual automated granting based on 15% of nameplate capacity factor. 3 4 12
Charter & mission (ratify) Board agreed on Charter draft 3.75 4.25 15.9
Change difficulty retargeting Implement KGW or similar 5 3 15
Wallet Security Automated Security for Genesis and Generator Pool Wallets 5 5 25
Volunteers Come up with plan for volunteer handling 3 3.33 10
Outreach pillar
Marketing media Targeted outreach to professional associations. 3.5 3 10.5
Elephants Reach out to largest generators and make a grants. 3.2 3.3 10.6
ASES outreach Reach out to ASES chapters plan to work together for grants/charity education outreach 4.6 3 13.8
ISES outreach Reach out to ISES regarding partnership, awards, and/or journal publication 4 4 16
Booth at intersolar EU/US Too late for 2014 but plan for 2015 4 4 16
General education 1 pager “What is SolarCoin?” single page poster(s) create/update new 1 pager or distribute on site 2.67 5 13.4
General eduction video 2 minute video. What is SolarCoin? 4.75 2.85 13.5
Merchants Reach out merchants in solar sector discuss discount model for SLR (like a coupon) 4 2.5 10
Exchanges Get listed on high-volume crypto exchanges 5 3.67 18.4
Environmental Orgs Create list of environmental nonprofits for potential grants and to accept § donations 3 4 15.2
UX (User Experience) Pillar
Website Message clarity ease of use for Solar people Improve homepage and make website more clear for people (up the graphics and story telling.) 4.4 3.45 15.2
Website Explanation of(1,2,3) download, sync/wait,claim etc. Graphic improvement for site includes(user manual for software.) 3.8 3.85 14.7
Wiki Improve wiki by moving to new host support WYSIWG 2.66 4 10.6
Issue new POS Windows, MacOS, Linux wallets Get QR codes and other fixes for windows wallet in place. 4 4 16
Android & iOS Deploy Android & iOS lightweight client 4.5 3 13.5
Blockchain explorer Create blockchain explorer capable of search and TX presentation 4 3.75 15
Granting front end Improve current registration form 4.66 2.33 10.8
Granting automation Create introductory verification logic and stage granting batch 4 4 16