Faucets for receiving SolarCoin SLR

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Disclaimer: The SolarCoin foundation and community neither endorses, encourages is affiliated with or recommends any SolarCoin products or related services. The information posted on the SolarCoin wiki is for informational purposes only. All risks and liabilities associated with using any 3rd party SolarCoin vendor, merchant, site or service are reside with the individual.

Q: What is a SolarCoin faucet?

A: A Faucet is a site, that gives away SolarCoin. Any person may submit an SLR address (found in the receive section of the SolarCoin wallet). SolarCoins are given away by donors in small amount to grow the economy of SolarCoin holders. SolarCoin faucets are charitable projects operated by independent 3rd parties. The thinking behind faucets is that by growing the number of holders of SolarCoins, the value of SolarCoins as a means of exchange within a social economy will grow.


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