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Disclaimer: SolarCoin and the SolarCoin foundation are in no way affiliated with any exchange. All information provided below is for reference purposes and should not be considered an endorsement or recommendation of any kind for the products or services represented below. Should you believe this information below is in error, incomplete or in need of change due to any reason, please notify the SolarCoin Foundation using the form found on volunteer page.

Market Information summaries & charts

Bit Info Charts


Coin Mill SLR in $'Euro's, Yen & over 250 other currencies.

Target Moon

Solcrypto (P2P SLR matching portal)

Bit info charts Mandarin/English




Bittrex Basic Trading Guide

CryptoALTeX *This exchange is shutting down according to their website.

Poloniex *Litecoin trading pair only.

CryptoCzar FinCen regulated

Other services

SolarCoin Paper Wallet